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Offering the same intensive support for parents looking to build their confidence in areas including sleep and settling, understanding feeding and behaviour challenges, as well as parent-child bond building.

Parents/carers can self-refer to QEC. Once your referral is received and processed, our Assessment and Intake team will contact you. Together you can discuss your needs and parenting goals, and choose a program best suited for your family.


Day Stay

This program is designed for families with children aged from newborn until their 1st birthday.

Getting your baby to settle can seem like an impossible task – but our DayStay programs are here to help you overcome that challenge, one step at a time. Held at our Noble Park site.

This program focuses on settling and effective sleep strategies for babies aged between 0 and 12 months. Learning your child’s sleep, wake, and tired cues can be a real challenge: We give you the experience and insight to help you find a method that works for your family. Our team can also support you with infant nutrition, growth and development and age-appropriate play.


QEC's evidence and outcome informed, play-based facilitated play group.
Delivered over 8 weeks for families with children from newborn until their 2nd birthday.

Strengthens parent-child interactions, improves attachment, and builds child resilience. Focuses on strengthening parent’s capacity, confidence, and enjoyment in their parenting role and connects parents/carers with professional and personal social networks.

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Two children sitting at a table playing with toys and blocks.

daystay experience

"The program pretty much changed our lives. I have learned how to settle my baby and I am really proud of him. I am feeling a lot better since completing the program, feeling more confident which has made a big difference to me; before the program I felt like I was drowning."

playsteps experience

"Being able to connect with my baby more through play and seeing him play around with other children. Also, being able to talk and get advice from the facilitators each week. We loved coming to PlaySteps and will miss everyone a lot!"

daystay experience

"Big improvement with baby's sleep and now I have got opportunity for 'me time'."

playsteps experience

"The most helpful part was the skills and knowledge in bonding with and teaching kids interactive play."

DayStay Experience

"The staff seemed to have in-depth knowledge of each and every strategy and the information was research based. We were asked about the goal that we would like to accomplish and were guided through to achieve that goal."

playsteps experience

"The most helpful part was being able to ask questions and get reassurance as a first-time mum. Playing and singing too."