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How does it work?

Building on your existing parenting strengths, identifying parenting concerns, enhancing problem-solving skills and implementing parenting strategies is all part of how we build confident, capable families that enable children to thrive.
We support families with children aged from newborn until their 4th birthday.

Family Experiences

"This program has been a game-changer for our family. We are so much more rested and are a lot less stressed. We feel incredibly lucky to have been supported by such knowledgeable, patient and caring staff. Thank you!!"

Family Experiences

"The best part was being able to connect with my baby more through play and seeing him play around with other children. Being able to talk and get advice from the facilitators each week."

Family Experiences

"The support that the team provided was above our expectations and we cannot thank you enough for the difference it has made to our son's sleep patterns. It has made a huge difference in our household and our son is also a much happier boy with the progress he has made.

We are very grateful for the service that was provided and cannot fault the staff that helped us along the way."

What to expect

Here's what to look out for as a parent.

Parents and carers often tell us how rewarding it is to see their children’s personalities shine through during their time with us at QEC. But that’s only the beginning.

At QEC we get to enjoy the rewards of seeing parents become more capable and bring joy back into their parenting relationships. It’s all part of the support we provide for families and children to build confident, healthy, sustainable routines and habits that enable children to thrive.

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Helpful resources

A range of tips and tools to assist you along your early parenting journey.