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Under Australian law, you have a right to access safe, respectful healthcare. You also have the right to privacy, the right to access your own health information, and the right to give feedback about your care.

For more information on your rights and our obligations to you as a healthcare provider, we’ve provided additional information below.


We value the privacy of all families who access our services. All families working with us are given information about their rights and privacy before and throughout their programs.

Click here to view a flyer on your privacy, rights and feedback.

You can also read more in our Privacy Policy here.

Child safety

We are a Child-Safe Organisation. This means that protecting children from abuse and neglect is embedded in the everyday thinking of all employees. We have a strong commitment to equity and inclusion, which includes recognising and respecting the diverse voices and needs of all children.

We also value engagement and feedback from families when planning and delivering services. We are committed to evidence-based and responsive practice and maintain accurate and up-to-date client files. We also maintain appropriate records of incidences or allegations regarding child safety.

Information sharing and access

We take both your privacy and the safety of children and families seriously. This means that we keep your information confidential unless we are otherwise required to do so.

We are an authorised Information Sharing Entity. This means we are required to share certain information as it relates to the safety and wellbeing of children.

You can view more information on this in the below documents:

Further information

You can also look to the Child Information Sharing Scheme or to the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme to learn more.

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Requests under the following Information Schemes can be made by completing the relevant request forms.

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to how we share, use or store your personal information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


(03) 9549 2777