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How we can help

It goes without saying – every family is unique. So, our approach, from the very start, is tailored to what each family and child need.

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Mum holding baby while talking to QEC clinician.

Self referral

Our team is here to connect you to the program that is most suitable to your needs and goals. Making a referral is the first step.

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Baby laying on back with dummy in mouth, parent leaning over and looking at baby.

Our programs

Our programs are designed to help give children the best start in life. From residential, day-visit, and telehealth programs, we’ll help you find the right support at every stage.

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Parents interacting with child and baby in QEC PlayRoom.

What to expect

Our job at QEC is to support families and children to build confidence, as well as healthy, sustainable routines and habits.

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Parent and child playing under tent and interacting, in QEC PlayRoom.

Family stories

Parents and carers often tell us how rewarding it is to see their children’s personalities shining through in their interactions during the program.

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Dad reading a book to child and smiling.