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It goes without saying – every family is unique. So, our approach, from the very start, is tailored to what each family and child need.

We support families with children aged from newborn until their 4th birthday.

Our team is made up of passionate professionals from a range of fields, including Registered/Enrolled Nurses, Early Parenting, Allied Health, Social Workers, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Mental Health Clinicians, Midwives, Psychologists, Art Therapists and General Practitioners.

All of these practitioners are trained in the importance of play and the benefits it brings to parent-child bonds.

All of our staff work to create a welcoming and friendly environment where it’s easy for parents, carers, and children to learn, grow, and thrive.

Our Programs

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We help parents and carers build confidence in areas including:
  • Sleep and settling

  • Feeding and nutrition

  • Creating routines

  • Age-appropriate play that grows and enhances your child’s development

  • Understanding and managing child and toddler behaviour

  • Positive and healthy parent-child relationships

  • Creating and strengthening community connections

Online Early Parenting Resources

Find our online resource hub here

Looking for urgent support?

Call the Maternal Child Health Line:

13 22 29