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Our organisation

We are proud to be Victoria’s largest provider of early parenting services. We are passionate about helping children to thrive, families to grow, and communities to flourish.

We support families with children newborn to 4 years of age, in partnership with communities, government and other services providers.

From our humble beginnings in 1917, we have grown to multiple sites across Victoria.

You can read our priorities in our Strategic Plan here.

Our history

For over 100 years, we’ve been dedicated to creating healthier, happier futures for children across the state of Victoria. Get to know our story and our impact over the last century.


Our founder, Dr Isabella Younger Ross, established the first Infant Welfare Society in North Richmond, to help solve the crisis of preventable infant deaths.


We are renamed the Victorian Baby Health Centre Association and expand our services across Victoria.


Through our visits to over 54,000 homes and care for 22,361 babies, the infant mortality rate in Victoria drops from 73.8% to 46.5%.


We introduce vaccination programs at centres; the infant mortality rate in Victoria drops further to 19.3%.


Our model of care expands to include support for the whole family – not just mother and baby.


We are renamed Queen Elizabeth Centre and recognised as a Public Hospital.


We move to our current Noble Park location, to service the southeastern growth corridor with Victoria’s highest birth rate.


Our innovative Sensory Therapeutic Garden opens at Noble Park, providing an enriching space for families to build confidence and develop new skills.


We continue to provide high quality support to families throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our work is celebrated by the Victorian Premier, when we receive the highest accolade of the Victorian Health Service of the Year award.


Our Noble Park site receives a much-needed upgrade and expansion.


QEC has supported more than 3 million Victorian families, ensuring every child has the best start in life.