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The Residential program offers an intensive style of support for children aged from newborn until their 4th birthday.

Our residential programs offer up to a 4-night stay and are designed to give support across all areas of parenting, from sleep and settling, feeding difficulties, understanding behaviour challenges and parent-to-child bonding.

"Your program is life changing."

"The staff, the expertise and program honestly are a god send. I wish that more families like ours have the opportunity to attend your program. It’s saved our mental health and our family."

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We also offer a Telehealth program that supports families with children aged from newborn until their 4th birthday.

Families using our telehealth services have 24-hour support via an online health direct video portal, or over the phone if preferred. They are also given access to education sessions through a daily Zoom call.

QEC uses the Health Direct online helpline platform and all families will receive a link to this service before their program begins. Health Direct’s use of video, phone and written messages enables QEC to provide access, advice and information for families who are experiencing parenting challenges from the comfort of their own homes.


The DayStay Program helps families with children aged from newborn to 12 months of age to build confidence in settling their infant using responsive settling techniques.

Our staff bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with carers on recognising engagement, disengagement and tired cues.

Additionally, our DayStay team of registered nurses, midwives and early parenting practitioners can provide additional support with infant nutrition, growth & development and age-appropriate play advice. We have a multidisciplinary team that can address any concerns regarding infant growth, health, and development should they arise on the day.


This program is designed to accommodate families with children ages from newborn to 24 months of age.

Families can find their place in a supportive local community through our PlaySteps program.

In the 8 weeks, families get plenty of support to strengthen their parent-to-child bond and to connect with others on similar parenting journeys.

Sessions run for 2 hours, one day a week, and give families the opportunity to work with a Maternal and Child Health Nurse as well as an Early Parenting Practitioner.

EPC Parenting Plus

This program services our Southern catchment.

EPC Parenting Plus is a flexible, community-based program that supports families in their own homes with early parenting education. This includes assistance with sleep and settling strategies, feeding, play, age-appropriate patterns and routines.

Practitioners work in partnership with the family, supporting parents and carers to identify individual goals and to create a personalised child and family care plan.

The program offers a flexible service tailored to each family’s unique circumstances and includes home visits and telehealth options.  This is the only community program that accepts self-referrals.

Referrals can be received directly through the self-referral page.