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Before your stay

Sometimes families are anxious or tired when they get to QEC – it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed and exhausted at the start of your program. But our job is to help change that – we work together to help you feel confident and empowered in your parenting.

We will set goals with you and work closely with you to help you reach them. Working with QEC staff, you’ll be able to focus on and respond to your child’s unique cues. You’ll get to witness them interacting with other children, with other adults, and be rewarded by seeing their personalities shine through.

To help you get the best start in our program, we’ve compiled a list of all the things we recommend to bring, so you can be as prepared as possible.

What to bring to overnight programs
  • All the things you need for feeding: formula, teats, and bottles (we provide sterilising equipment).
  • Supply of disposable nappies
  • Current medication used by either the parent or child with you.
  • Medication or vitamins in their originally dispensed containers (i.e. not in other containers)
  • Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card, if applicable, for each person attending
  • Your Child’s Health Record
  • Toiletries
  • QEC provides a laundry room for families
  • Clothing for parents and child, such as hats, sunscreen, raincoats, or warm jackets, depending on the season
  • Pram
  • Pacifier x 2, if used
  • You may bring an extra blanket/doona or pillow for yourself
  • Special toy or security item labelled with your child's name
  • Contact details (phone numbers and email addresses) for other professionals involved in your child’s care e.g. GP, Paediatrician, Maternal Child Health Nurse
  • Fresh family meals are provided each day for you and your children from our on-site kitchen
What to bring to day programs
  • Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card, if applicable, for each person attending
  • Your Child’s Health Record
  • Toiletries
  • Pacifier x 2, if used
  • Special toy or security item labelled with your child's name
  • Please bring your infant/child’s dietary requirements for the day including
    age-appropriate food for lunch and snacks
  • All the things you need for feeding: formula, teats and bottles. We have sterilising equipment for you to use
  • Supply of disposable nappies

During your stay

We welcome all kinds of families at QEC: this means that if you’re parenting with a partner, they’re welcome to participate alongside you in the program. If you are parenting alone but have a person who supports you in your parenting role, they are more than welcome to participate in the program with you.

Even if they’re unable to stay for the full 5-day program, we welcome partners and co-carers to attend at any time and stay overnight when possible. This gives both carers a chance to learn and practise parenting strategies together, and helps your child maintain a sense of their usual home life routine and familiar faces.

Our facilities

Your family will have your own room at QEC. Your room has a private bathroom and a separate cot room for your child. We have a mixture of rooms with double and twin-single beds, as well as two disability-accessible rooms. If you require a specific type of room, please let us know before your admission. We’re also more than happy to accommodate any dietary or cultural needs, so please let us know before you arrive. As well as your private room, our playroom is available to you and your child for the duration of your stay. It’s a space designed to help your child learn and play alongside you, as well as other children.

While visitors are welcome, we suggest you limit the number of visits you have during your stay. By focusing on yourself and your child during your stay, you’ll have a better opportunity to gain education and support, practice techniques and strategies and increase your confidence to apply them at home.

While we suggest you limit your time away from the program, if you need to leave for a short period of time, you are welcome to. If you need any additional supplies or personal care items, Noble Park Shopping Centre is about 5 minutes walking distance from QEC. Parkmore Shopping Centre is approximately 5 minutes away by car. There is plenty of parking on site, however, QEC takes no liability for damage, loss or theft of personal property or vehicles so please remove all valuables.

Check out our Welcome to QEC video to get a better feel for what our space offers. If you have questions after watching this video, don’t hesitate to contact us.

After your stay

We’re still here to help if you need us.
Change isn’t always easy, so our staff are here to help you along that journey.

One of our clinicians will be in touch with you a week after your program to discuss your progress and address any further questions you might have.

Plus, if you’ve lost one of the discharge resources we’ve given you, you can access them here:

Mental health support is also available:
Beyond Blue
Raising Children