We live in a dynamic world, within a constantly changing society. We have a big challenge to maintain and develop professional skills, knowledge and approaches in order to build and extend best practices in the early parenting sector.


QEC provides accredited educational training programs to organisations and individuals in this sector. These training programs deliver professional development courses and workshops in areas that are central to our core business.


They are evidence based, professionally developed and delivered, drawing from a wide variety of excellent institutions.  The content for these programs has been collated, rigorously researched and developed through partnerships with academic institutions, public and private sector health & welfare professionals, local governments and communities. They also draw from QEC’s own extensive experiences.


QEC works closely with these institutions to share this knowledge base, set standards, best practices and lead change to improve the support for young children and their families.  We strive to deliver world-class training and development in early parenting.


QEC has a highly qualified Learning and Development team, who are professionals working within Maternal and Child Health, Early Years, Early Education and Intervention, Primary Health and Family and Children’s Services.  The team instructs in specialised training programs such as:


• Keys to Care Giving

• Family Partnership Training

• Nursing Child Assessment (NCAST) Teaching Scales

• Nursing Child Assessment (NCAST) Feeding Scales

• Play Steps Training


As well as the above core programs, the Learning and Development team can also tailor a professional development package to meet the needs of an organisation across the Early Years sector.


To obtain further information regarding our educational training programs and development packages, click the 'Whats on at QEC for 2019' PDF below or you can contact QEC Learning on (03) 9549 2777 or email learning@qec.org.au