Are you looking for support with parenting?


Our focus is to support families with children aged from birth until 4 years’ with their parenting journey.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic QEC moved to providing all programs via Telehealth.


The introduction of Telehealth has been an overwhelming success with families sharing their positive experiences. Over the last 2 months QEC has supported families through: Over 1500 Telehealth consultations Completion of 140 Telehealth Programs (1 Day, 2 Day and 4 Day programs) We are excited to share that from 15 June 2020, QEC will continue to offer our Telehealth programs and will also re-commence a small number of face to face admissions.


4 Day Telehealth Program

Families who take part in the Telehealth Program will have access to 24/7 support for 4 days. During this time families are offered support from professional staff from a range of disciplines such as nursing, early child care, social work, family counselling and psychology. Each family will receive support from a designated staff member for morning, afternoon and night time. The program is great for those who are juggling more than one child or a busy lifestyle and cannot come into the centre. The program is accessed via a health direct portal, and phone calls. You have access to all the support QEC has to offer from the comfort of you and your family’s home.


Day Stay Telehealth Program

Our Day Stay program includes up to four hours of face-to-face day service of intensive practical parenting education and support at our Noble Park site followed by unlimited access to QEC Telehealth services provided via phone and video calls within your 24 hour admission period. During the telehealth portion of the program you are able to put into practice all the things you learnt while in the centre, with the added support of knowing a QEC staff member can be contacted if you need any additional support.